Kerr Cup Regatta

53rd Annual - April 20, 2019

  • Launching crews will use the "City Dock" located downriver of Saint Joseph's Dock
  • Head downriver in Lane 0 through Columbia Bridge.  Beware of Finish Line dock along shore
  • You may then turn your shell and head up river along the west river 
  • If warming up, continue above the 2k start line.
  • If coming back after racing, travel through Strawberry Mansion Bridge and wait for a referee to signal OK to cross course
  • You will then proceed downriver in lane 0 through Strawberry Mansion Bridge to the "Canoe Club Dock" (Temple)  for recovery
  • There will be buoy lines from the 2k start to Strawberry Mansion Bridge separating lanes 0 and 1; lanes 3 and 4, and lanes 6 and 7.  Also, a line seperating lanes 0 and 1 from Strawberry Mansion bridge to the 1000 meter line.

Turning Buoy Pictures